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Arcatron Frido 2000 Heavy Duty Commode Wheelchair (with Top Seat Cover)

Arcatron Frido 2000 Heavy Duty Commode Wheelchair with Top Seat Cover


With soft waterproof padded seat cover

Robust and stable frame

150 KG weight capacity

Ergonomically well designed

Premium water resistant soft cushions

Most optimum and comfortable seating position

Removable armrest 

Easy tarnsfer from bed to chair

Foldable full foot rest

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Arcatron Frido 2000 is an attendant propelled commode wheelchair designed to ease hygiene routine for elderly & persons with limited mobility. It enables caregivers to transfer the person to toilets in a safe and convenient manner. It is the best heavy duty commode chair with wheels. The frame built with strong, sturdy powder coated steel which guarentee its maximum weight capacity up to 150 Kg. It is the only wheelchair with premium water resistant soft PU cushions. Its ergonomically well designed structure provides immense comfort and sense of safety. Its key hole style waterproof cushion give easy access to clean and keep hygiene. With its removable armrest, it ensure easy transfer from bed to chair without lifting. Since it can rolls over the commode, toilet visit will be more easy, safe and dignified.

It comes with top seat cover which is soft waterproof padded seat. With top seat cover, you can use it as a regular wheelchair.

Overall Dimension (H X W X D) 37 X 21.5 X 40 inches
Weight capacity 150 KG
Product weight 18.5 KG
Seat width 19 inch
Seat depth 18 inch
Hole Diameter 6.5 inch
Caster wheel Diameter 5 inch
Commode height clearance 18.5 inch
Backrest height 14 inch
Width between armrest 18.5 inch
Seat Height 23 inch
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