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Assisting in Elimination

Assisting in Elimination

Maintaining healthy elimination patterns has vital role in physical and psychological well-being of a person. In case of patient care at home, an experienced nurse’s role is important to ensure regular soft bowel movement and adequate urination of the patient. Assisting in elimination involves both invasive and non-invasive interventions which our nurses are expert to manage. They are proficient in the use of enema, suppositories, catheterization, bowel and bladder wash, bowel and bladder training, catheter irrigations, abdominal massage, etc., Service can be availed in day/night shift or live-in care.

Quality Conscious Approach

We, at Saamipya, believes nursing care at home will achieve its goal only where there is perfect mix of compassion, clinical competence, best practices and technology.

We choose qualified and well experienced nurses who are compassionate and well experienced to take care the specific healthcare needs of your loved one.

Our well-defined in-house training and grooming sessions makes our nurses more capable to provide optimum care to your loved one at well-deserved professional manner.

Before deploying a qualified nurse in to service, he / she receives detailed orientation based on care plan for the service. It helps our nurses to do their best to bring significant improvement in the physical and psychological well-being of the patient.

Our care managers constantly reviewing service quality through direct home visits and continuous remote monitoring. It makes you more comfortable to concentrate on your personal and official life while we take care of your loved one.

We understand that consistent active contact is essential for the successful assisting in elimination services. We assure round the clock assistance for patient, nurses and family members while we serve your healthcare needs.

How we work

Getting Assisting in elimination service at home is easy! You can book for a free assessment through our website or a call to our customer care number.

Our clinical team will be in touch with you and they will confirm your booking by scheduling assessment date and time according to your convenience and availability.

Our clinical experts will come to your place and conduct an assessment which assess clinical conditions of the patient and service requirements.

A detailed care plan will be developed by the clinical team by considering all facts of clinical assessment. The core focus of the care plan is accelerating recovery and overall improvement of the patient. The assigned nurse receives detailed orientation on care plan before he / she starts care your loved one.

Care manager coordinate placement of nurse and will provide all necessary support to render excellent care to the patient without disturbing comfort of the entire family.

Our Care manager maintain constant follow-up with nurse, patient and family. Care manager will do re-assessment on periodic intervals and take all measures to make sure steady improvement and well-being of patient.

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